We pride ourselves on communication with our clients and word of mouth referrals. Our goal in consulting is to work with you; our clients to achieve your goals. We will meet your herd and deduce what their current status is and based on your needs provide consulting. We can evaluate anything from the health status of your herd, to your economic focuses. We will work with you to strategically plan your goals to make them as achievable as possible. Once those goals are met, we will work with you to continue progressing your operation to be as productive and prosperous as possible into the future. 


Your next step to start the consultation process is to; 

  • contact us via email or phone

  • troubleshoot your operation

  • discuss and determine your operations' goals

  • implement changes to achieve your determined goals

  • evaluate progress compared to goals

Talks and Seminars

Since 2016, we have been approached by numerous groups to begin sharing our knowledge of nutrition and how to analyze a diet to see what is really missing. We have traveled on a number of occasions throughout British Columbia, Ontario, and Saskatchewan.